Evolution of technology is going to change people's lives and values.



Technology has provided life convenient, fresh, safe, easy to move things, and shortened the distance around the world.

Using the Internet when shopping online, receive services, contact friends and family, and get information you want to know. Therefore you don’t need to go outside.

Now we want people to go outside, touch a nature, have a lot of communications, and have a meaningful daily life.


1/  感じるデザイン





 Feeling Design


The development of online shopping will attack the actual store is in danger of survival.

We provide design which cannot be experienced online shopping. It appeals to human senses such as smell, touch, and feeling of presence that cannot show on the screen.




2/  繫がるデザイン


 ひとは独りでは生きて行けません、他人と言葉を交わし、時には笑い、刺激を受けながら生活しています。もちろん人とかかわることでストレスに繋がることもありますが、ほどほどの距離があって、思いやりのある関係が築けたらどんなに良いでしょう、私どもは人と人とがストレスなく繫がり合えるような場を提供出来たらと考えています。 それは、ひと言で言うと優しさが伝わるデザイン、優しさは人々に伝わり、そして伝染して行きます。そう信じています。


Linking Design


People cannot live by themselves. We are enjoy talking with other people in our life, sometimes laughing and receiving stimulation. Of course, sometimes it becomes stressful to involve people, but how good would it be to have a caring and good relationship. We want to provide a place where people and people can get together without stress.
It is the design that kindness is conveyed, kindness is conveyed to people, and spreads. We believe so.



 3/  成長するデザイン




Growing Design


The place where people gather must change rapidly. Although there is an idea that it is dare to make things that do not change even if the times change, but we aim for a design that can grow as time goes on. It is not to make everything, like make margins, or to not get new trend. Our job shows what we need to change or not.



4/  余韻の残るデザイン






After taste Design


There are various stages in people's lives. It is a place to spend with family and lover, a scene related to the milestone of life. We want to help such a memorable moment, like you want to upload to blog. We would like to help through a design.